iAssemble CSI Auto Assembly System


Price: $3700.00

iAssemble additional client License

Price: $1875.00

Onsite Installation Per day

Price: $500.00

Due to the increasing demand for an auto assembly system by our customers, CSI has designed iAssemble. iAssemble is a state-of-the-Art in software development in auto assembly. iAssemble is a 32/64bit application that uses latest Microsoft technology running on Windows XP or on Windows 7 64bit. iAssemble is integrated with Assembly conveyor from SRS or can use your existing Racks. SRS has been building conveyors since 1962.

iAssemble provides efficient, automated order processing on the assembly conveyor or rack, thus eliminating the need for manually matching each garment with the corresponding invoice. iAssemble has the following advantages over manual assembly:

  • Improved customer service by increasing order accuracy, thus eliminating customer complaints
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduction in human error thus reducing the likelihood of misfiled garments
  • Improve productivity
  • Requires a small assemble space

Assembly Process

1. As tracking tag barcode is scanned, iAssemble automatically assigns a hook number on the conveyor/rack to the invoice.

2. The conveyor automatically moves to the assigned hook number. The controller then turns on a blue LED light, indicating the assigned spot for the garment on the conveyor. It then instructs the operator to place the garment on the hook. The garment is put on the conveyor through the loading window which is equipped with a proxy sensor. When the hanger is detected by the proxy sensor, iAssemble is informed by the controller the current loading location. If the garment is placed in the correct location, the system turns off the blue LED and allows the next garment to be scanned.

If racks are used instead of assembly conveyor, the operator hangs the garment on the hook and then scans the barcode on the hook to verify the location. If the hook number matches the designated location, the system allows the next garment to be scanned.

3. The above process is repeated for each garment.

4. Once the final garment of an invoice is scanned, iAssemble recognizes the order is ready. The conveyor automatically moves to the hook location where the rest of the garments are, then informs the operator that order is ready.

5. The operator unloads the order from the conveyor. As order is unloaded and removed from the conveyor/rack, the corresponding invoice is automatically printed

6. The order is now ready for bagging

Summary of features:

  • Windows 7, 64Bit Application using TMS SQL database.
  • Assemble over 350 pieces per hour.
  • Very user friendly, large Touch screen Icons.
  • Fast moving Conveyor with Digital Controller.
  • Build-in Hanging Sensor to confirm assembly.
  • Build-in Blue Led to show Hanging Status.
  • Hold/un-hold order option.
  • Complete order option.
  • Live running total of pieces/orders due/overdue
  • Live Running total of incomplete orders
  • Live running total of incoming orders.
  • Option to Split incomplete orders.
  • Different Assembly Conveyor Length option, 10’, 15’.
  • Sophisticated graphical production Crystal base report.
  • Direct link to TMS database for much better reporting.
  • Advance Search function to view garment history.
  • Multi stores printing option with multi printers.
  • Separate Delivery/Route Invoice Printing feature.
  • Supported by the use of both a conveyor or rack.

In order to use iAssemble, TMS has to be upgraded to Garment Tracking Software (GTS).

Additional iAssemble Client License is required for each additional assembly conveyor/rack, or lookup. Optional Onsite installation is charged per day, and does not include travel expenses.

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